ChatGrape & Box

To showcase the interesting ways developers are integrating Box into their applications, we've created a blog series with our customers to highlight their use cases and implementations of the technology. Chatgrape, a new chat collaboration tool, has launched an integration with Box to allow you to access files alongside your tasks, right as you type. Learn more about Chatgrape and the integration in this Q&A with Florian Monfort, Head of Growth at ChatGrape.

Why did you start ChatGrape? What problem were you trying to solve?

We started ChatGrape to eliminate what we call the look-up factor: the time you spend looking for data across different sources, browser tabs and external services while communicating. It is a major productivity loss element within companies consuming up to a fifth of your work day.

That’s why we have built a business chat that provides the world’s deepest integration of cloud services, allowing you to access tasks, files and other external items right as you type.

How has mobile changed the way you built your app?

As mobile users suffer the most from decentralized business data, we have invested a lot in the mobile version of our Grape Browser. Two big challenges were delivering large result lists in a timely fashion and displaying them in an easily digestible way.

Features like “swipe-to-filter” are direct results of the limited real estate on mobile displays and have been adapted on the desktop version of our service.

Tell us about your integration with Box.

Contrary to other chat services, we are not only displaying service activities from but also make the whole file index available right from the chat input. This makes ChatGrape one of the most advanced chat integrations for

Amongst other things our users can now:
Find all Box content from the Grape Browser;
Available soon: preview files meta data right in the Grape Browser;

This will allow people who are using Box and ChatGrape to gain in efficiency while collaborating.

What’s next for ChatGrape?

We are currently doubling our user-base every 3 weeks. Therefore a lot of our work goes now into new features, more service integrations and larger infrastructure. We’ll see what the future brings!