Campaign Update: What Can You do with Box and the iPad?

Back in April, we started a campaign to help answer the question, "What can you do with Box and the iPad?" We wanted to put Box and 20 iPads in the hands of a business to find out. I want to thank each and every one who applied for their time and enthusiasm. We were already excited about this campaign, but your overwhelming response put us over the top. We can't thank all of you enough.

After more than 700 incredible submissions, we selected D 7 Consulting, a forward-thinking construction firm based in Newport Beach, CA. Terrell Woods, a Design and Reprographics Lead at D 7, saw great potential in how Box and the iPad could help their entire team communicate more effectively, particularly in sharing critical information with clients and people out in the field more quickly. Joe Daniels, CEO at D 7 prides his company on staying a few steps ahead by embracing new technology. Using Box and the iPad, Joe thinks they can "move from a world of lead time to real-time." Considering that D 7 has more than 180 projects in its queue, we know they'll be able to provide a lot of helpful insight throughout the month-long program.

Joe, Terrell and the entire team at D 7 have said they wanted to go "all in" with this and we look forward to sharing updates along the way with our friends at TUAW. Stay tuned!

Post by Sean Lindo, Marketing Communications Manager