Build with Box on Windows

Our new C# SDK makes it a breeze to plug in Box anywhere

We’ve greatly enjoyed building the Box apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8. The Modern UI design language and unique platform features of Windows inspired us to reimagine our mobile experience for content collaboration.

But Box is inherently a platform, and we want to enable developers everywhere to imagine new and creative ways to manage content in the cloud. On the heels of our recent Android and iOS SDK launches, today we are launching a brand new Windows C# Software Development Kit (SDK), designed to make incorporating Box into your apps a simple, seamless affair.

To continue supporting the next wave of innovative applications with enterprise-grade storage and collaboration, our Windows C# SDK is built around the Box V2 APIs and is now ready for your consumption. Like its iOS and Android counterparts, it provides simple, drop-in methods to interface with the Box API and does the legwork of creating easily consumable data objects for use by your applications. Feel free to explore it now from the Box GitHub account or from the NuGet package.


Completely native, yet portable

The new Windows SDK is written completely in C#, built on top of the Portable Class Library project to ensure maximum compatibility and reusability on all Microsoft platforms. This means that no matter whether you’re building a Windows 7, Windows 8, Silverlight, or Windows Phone app, you can leverage this SDK to use Box as your content backend.

File and folder picker components included

We know that many developers will want to get their feet wet with the SDK by simply pulling a file from a user’s Box account or choosing a place in Box to save a piece of content. So, we made these very common use cases super simple - just drop one line of code into your Windows application and get a full-fledged file picker component.

This is the only line of XAML needed for a file picker:

<controls:BoxItemPickerLauncher Client="{Binding Client}" />

This is the only line of XAML needed for a folder chooser:

<controls:BoxItemPickerLauncher Client="{Binding Client}" ItemPickerType="Folder" />

The results are stunning and make integrating with Box a matter of minutes instead of hours.

Coverage for all major Box API endpoints

Login, OAuth 2 token handling, uploading files, and downloading files are all made easier by leveraging the SDK, but you can also use it to post comments, search a user’s Box account and add collaborators to folders. Here is the full list of Box API endpoints covered:

Have a use case that isn’t covered by the endpoints above? Let us know! Or even better, feel free to fork our SDK and submit a pull request directly to our GitHub account. We’d love to see how you make the SDK better!

For more information and a video walkthrough of the SDK, visit:

We welcome any feedback you have on the SDK via our GitHub account. Until then, don’t forget to also catch us at //build/ in our partner booth this week in San Francisco!

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