Bringing the Cloud to Every Business: $5 Box Starter Plan and 10GB Free

When we first started Box, our vision was to make it incredibly easy for anyone to store, share, and access all of their critical information from anywhere. Today, we're excited to announce Box now has 20,000,000 users and is used in 180,000 businesses, with many organizations rolling Box out to tens of thousands of employees. We're thrilled by this progress, but there are still many more businesses to reach and teams to help succeed.

To help us achieve this, we're making two major Box updates today. We're doubling the free storage in our Personal plan from 5GB to 10GB, and we're unveiling an all-new Starter edition to make it incredibly easy and affordable for small businesses and teams to move onto Box, at just $5/user/month. This is an exciting and long-contemplated move, and the biggest change we've made to our offerings since 2010.


Individuals are now accessing, editing, sharing, presenting, and manipulating more data than ever before, across more devices than anyone could have ever predicted. It's estimated that there will be nearly 40,000 exabytes of digital data created by 2020 (enough data to fill up 671,088,640,000 64GB gold iPhones). For perspective, the year we started Box, there were only 130 exabytes of data in existence. If software is eating the world, then information is eating the enterprise, and we want Box to be the simple and obvious choice for sharing and accessing that information securely.

And we're not only talking about the largest enterprises (though we do love you!): one of the inherent benefits of the cloud is that every business, anywhere in the world can utilize Box just as easily as Procter & Gamble, Eli Lilly, EA, or NBC Sports do. Whether you're a boutique financial services firm, a construction company, a small medical practice, or a startup working with manufacturers in China, Box can make your business more competitive. We want to help big businesses be as nimble as small ones, and small businesses be as scalable and global as giants.

Never before has this been possible. Traditionally, businesses faced a strict dichotomy when interacting with enterprise software vendors: the largest companies got the best IT systems because they could afford them. Small businesses were often left to scrape by with inelegant solutions, or spend way too much time, energy, and budget for technology that just didn't fit. But we're now seeing a new "cloud stack" emerging in businesses, and companies like Salesforce, Zendesk, Netsuite, and Google Apps are proving that companies of all sizes can run on the same platform.

As enterprise IT continues to change dramatically -- becoming more mobile, open, and "social" -- and as individuals and small businesses have access to the same technology as giants, software is going to become vastly more consumer-oriented and user-driven. At Box, we will continue to focus our attention on making individuals that adopt our solution as successful as possible, and at BoxWorks in September, we'll be making a number of announcements that go toward driving all new elegant experiences for users across the web, sync, and mobile. We're incredibly excited by the shift toward cloud, and want to ensure every professional and businesses of all sizes can take advantage of this transformation. This is just the start.