Bringing Enterprise Productivity to the Next Level on Android

With Android running on 85% of new smartphones shipping in Q2, it's more important than ever to provide a first-class app for this fast-growing platform. Today we're excited to roll out our latest offering of Box for Android which includes great new features to power productivity for the next wave of mobile workers around the world.

Introducing Box Notes for Android


With the latest version of our award-winning app running on an Android 4.4+ (KitKat) device, you'll be able to create, view, and edit Box Notes just like you do on the web. Box Notes for Android features seamless integration into the native menus, allowing for all the basic editor features you'd expect: cut, copy, paste, bold, italic, underline, bullet list, numbered list, indent, and outdent. Along with all this functionality, we have also taken steps to ensure that the Box Notes experience still loads fast, even on older cellular networks.

The highly engaging, real-time collaborative aspect of Notes has also been maintained, so now you can jump into a multi-user session with your phone or tablet without missing a beat. For those colleagues using Notes on the web, they'll also see other enhancements detailed in this post by the Notes team!

Recently Opened Files

recently opened

If you've been using our Android app for a while now, then you may be looking for a faster way to get back to files you've visited previously. The app has always offered one-click access to files via the widget and home screen shortcuts, but now the 25 most recently accessed files are automatically recorded for easy access from within the app itself. No more drilling down through the same folder tree over and over again to show that presentation you viewed dozens of times before.

Advanced Settings for Shared Links and New Admin Controls

Box for Android v3.2 also features the ability to set new options for shared links. While you've always been able to control permission levels (changing a link to only be accessible in your company only, for example), now you can set link expiration dates and prevent downloading of the file straight from the app. For Box admins, we've added a broad set of new client controls to the Mobile tab in the enterprise admin console. Now, you can prevent content from being opened into untrusted third-party applications, disallow copying text to the system clipboard or block automatic uploads from a device. These controls will be available on your Box admin console within the next few days and will work with both Box for Android and iOS v3.2 and up.

In addition, there are a few smaller additions in this Box for Android update, including the ability to delete comments on files and a new pull-to-refresh gesture in folders.

Many of the features added in this release were made possible by the contributions of Andrew Fang, our intern this summer on the Android team! Let us know what you think of the update (get it here on Google Play) or on Twitter @BoxHQ.