#BoxWorks Update: Manage the full Content Lifecycle, from Creation to Disposition

Yesterday at BoxWorks, Aaron Levie described how Box is changing how tomorrow works, for individuals, organizations and industries. We're applying our user-focused collaboration and content platform to core business processes to make them more productive and effective for people and their organizations.

Today, Whitney Bouck, our SVP of Global Marketing and GM of Enterprise, is taking the stage to demonstrate the depth of our investment in making processes across your business more effective, more useful and more accessible.

With businesses entrusting more and more documents, invoices, contracts and proposals to our centralized content platform, we're constantly looking for ways to make that content more useful to everyone. At the same time, we're giving you the tools you need to properly govern that content to meet your legal, compliance and other business mandates. Building on the Security Policies and Automation features we launched earlier this year, today we're proud to announce our next step towards true content Governance: Box Retention Management.

DataRetention (1)

A key component of a comprehensive governance strategy is the ability to retain specific documents and information for required periods of time. Whether you're meeting a regulatory requirement or a company policy, retention management helps you control the creation, modification and destruction of documents.

With Box Retention Management, businesses can look forward to using Box as a secure, centralized system of record. Administrators can:

  • Set specific retention periods to govern how long documents are retained in Box
  • Set up automatic actions to determine what happens when a retention period expires
  • Use these policies to manage the full content lifecycle from creation through deletion

What does this mean for our customers? Documents stored in Box can now be designated as records, and any file with a retention policy applied cannot be permanently deleted from Box. Even better, a policy will follow the content, even if a file is moved within Box, ensuring that even in a highly collaborative environment, policies are respected and enforced.

The beta for Box Retention Management will be available by end of year.