#BoxWorks Speaker Spotlight: Yuval Scarlat of Capriza

Next up in our series of BoxWorks speaker spotlights: Yuval Scarlat, CEO and co-founder of Capriza, a leader in enterprise mobile app development. He'll be speaking on the "Emerging Cloud Technologies You Need to Know About" panel at BoxWorks. You can follow @BoxWorks on Twitter for the latest #BoxWorks updates.

Yuval Scarlat - Headshot 1) What’s one technology trend that you see driving business transformation?

That’s an easy one… Mobility. Amazing opportunity to turn decade(s) old, clumsy business information systems into beautiful, small, in context, modern, easy to interact with – business apps on the go.

2) Name three apps on your home screen.

Capriza (without I can’t run my business), Waze (without it I can’t find home) and Spotify (without it, no music, no life) And oh… forgot, also Box :)

3) What BoxWorks speaker or session (aside from your own) are you most excited about?

Aaron Levie’s (great speaker!) Also Jim Collins'(I hope he’s a good-to-great speaker :)

4) What’s your favorite device for getting work done?

Hmmm, let me think – My mobile phone for sure. It’s huge in size (my eyes) but I have all apps (we call them zapps) to access all my business needs: customer info, data centers up times, sales progress, annoying approvals, etc. All in one place and easy to use! I hardly jumpstart the desktop versions of my business applications anymore. Too hard and too slow. People say “mobile first” and I tell them “Mobile ONLY” world!

5) What advice would you give to someone starting his/her career in your industry?

Dream big, take risks, and turn them to reality — life’s short!

6) What blogs do you check daily?

None. Have more interesting things to do! I’ll follow yours during the show, to see if there’s something interesting for me to learn…

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