#BoxWorks Speaker Spotlight: Mike Knellinger of David J. Joseph

Next up in our series of BoxWorks speaker spotlights: Mike Knellinger, CIO of David J. Joseph. An expert in business innovation driven by technology, at BoxWorks, Mike will be discussing collaboration network effects and his company's deployment of Box. You can follow @BoxWorks on Twitter for the latest #BoxWorks updates.

mike knellinger1) What’s one technology trend that you see driving business transformation?

Collaboration Technologies – Is there a company that can’t improve on teamwork?

2) Name three apps on your home screen.

Lync, Zite, Box

3) What BoxWorks speaker or session (aside from your own) are you most excited about?

Transforming Enterprise Security – Executives and business people continue to believe that cloud based services are inherently risky.

4) What’s your favorite device for getting work done?

Macbook Air – with Parallels. I can keep my work and personal life on one device, yet maintain separation.

5) What advice would you give to someone starting his/her career in your industry?

Learn about IT Security… no matter what area of specialty you choose, you had better understand security.

6) What blogs do you check daily?

None on a daily basis. I use Zite, which aggregates article and includes blogs that have topics of importance to me.

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