BoxWorks 2013: New Tools for Supercharging Your Business

By now, it's pretty common knowledge that moving your business to the cloud can mean significant cost savings, added simplicity and a huge bump to your team's efficiency. But what's the next step once you've got all your company's content in the cloud? How can you continue innovating to help your business get even more out of all that information?

Today at our 3rd annual user conference BoxWorks, CEO Aaron Levie discussed how the way we work is changing (thank you mobility!), and as a result we need to shift the way we think about IT. In this new reality, the role of IT is rapidly changing, from simply providing technology that helps people get their jobs done to improving the entire flow of information between individuals, teams - and ultimately - entire organizations. And when it comes to this flow of information, the faster, the better.

We announced brand new features and products designed to reduce friction around exchanging ideas and to increase the velocity of how information is shared throughout a company. These features will help you get the most value out of their information by getting it to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Read on to get the scoop on everything we introduced today.

All New Preview Experience and a Sneak Peek of the New iOS App

preview_image_blog736x368Box also announced a completely redesigned preview experience, which integrates Crocodoc’s HTML5 document conversion technology to deliver crisp and clear documents right to your browser, incredibly fast. In addition to the technology update, the new Box preview interface also includes a completely new user experience that brings your content front and center while placing powerful collaboration tools at your fingertips. Key actions are now easily accessible in the header, and a new comment drawer makes discussions about your document more accessible and useful. And the new thumbnail filmstrip (pictured below) makes it simple to browse through all the documents in a folder. Overall it is designed to be streamlined, intuitive and beautiful to use.

We will be rolling the new preview to all users later this fall.

At BoxWorks today, we also gave the audience a sneak peek of our new iOS app that the team's been hard at work developing. The totally new Box for iPhone and iPad will incorporate many of the same preview enhancements and design principles, and we're excited to launch it later this year.

Introducing Box Notes

box_notes_hi im box notesWe're excited to introduce a brand new way to capture and share information on Box: Box Notes. Box Notes is a new document-creation tool that helps you easily create documents, take notes and share ideas in real-time - all within Box. Want to get it for your account? Check out Box Notes in action:

New Admin Tools for Policies and Automation

automation_ui_macbookpsd_1Enterprise admins will be excited about two new features in the admin console. The new Policies tab lets you customize security policies and alerts around uploads, downloads and sharing for powerful insight on actions happening throughout the company. It's easy to keep an eye on what information is shared outside the company, prevent restricted content (like documents with social security or credit card numbers) from being uploaded to Box, or even be notified when a user downloads an abnormal amount of files at once.

The Automation tab provides configurable content process automation tools for managing how data and content moves throughout an organization. Want POs added to a specific folder to automatically trigger a task for someone in finance to review it? It's easy to do with the new rules!

If you're ready to try out the Policies and Automation tabs, contact your Box customer success manager and they'll add you to the beta program.

Metadata for Files in Box

Metadata blog imageWe also announced we're adding metadata capabilities on Box, letting you bring additional context to your files stored on Box. From appending accident details like photos and locations for insurance claims to adding patient information on medical records, you'll be able to store, access, view and edit details that aren't constrained by standard file system parameters.

Stay tuned for more details on how to join the beta in the coming quarters or reach out to if you want to be an early tester.

We can't wait to roll out all these great new products and features in the coming months - let us know what you're most excited to try below or on Twitter @BoxHQ!