Box's Karen Appleton Explores New Ways of Working in The Huffington Post

We love talking with our customers about how they're using Box and other cloud-based services to enhance their business. It gives us a chance to get feedback on our product, but also helps us keep tabs on the bigger picture - the trends and movements that are reshaping business today.

Today's workers, workplace, and IT are all rapidly evolving, and many of our customers are at the forefront of breaking the 9-to-five, office cubicle mold and defining new ways of working. The LaC Project works - or in their words, "tworks" - from all over the world, using Box's cloud content management and other web-based platforms to collaborate anytime, anywhere with anyone. Fanminder, with its lean, virtual team of 12 employees, manages its client and reseller base through a broad range of cloud applications, including Box, Google Docs, WordPress and Skype.

There are so many great stories that we want to share. Karen Appleton, our VP of Business Development, is now a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, where's she'll blog about how companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies are reinventing the workplace. Her first post, "Workplace Rebellion: Savvy Workers Drive Technology Transformation," ran today. Please give it a read, and stay tuned for future posts from Karen.

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Post by Ashley Mayer, Community Manager