Box Sync: Changing How You Work

Today at BoxWorks, our CEO announced the all-new Box Sync and spoke about how it’s helping us build a smarter, more connected enterprise. Designed to help businesses organize and share files across all the different computers, smartphones and tablets employees use for work, Box Sync helps keep content organized and in sync. It’s the first true content synchronization solution for the enterprise, empowering businesses to connect tens, hundreds, or even thousands of employees to each other and the cloud seamlessly.

With Box Sync, you can easily access Box files from your desktop, plus sync your desktop files directly to Box. Your whole team can do the same, so updates appear on everyone’s desktop automatically. Access the content you work with most by selecting which folders you sync. And don’t worry if a few team members make edits simultaneously – Box Sync picks up those changes and saves different copies of the file for potential conflicts.

Check out Box Sync in action below:


Available for the first time for Mac users, the new version of Box Sync was completely re-written from the ground up to share a common codebase, giving us a more agile platform for delivering product updates. The release comes with an enhanced rules engine that provides more robust conflict management.

Want to get the new Box Sync?

Box Sync is free for Box Business and Enterprise customers, and is compatible with Windows 7, XP, and Vista, as well as Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard. We’re starting to roll it out now, so be sure to sign up here if you’d like to be added to the priority list.





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