Box Security: New Tools for Visibility, Access and Monitoring

The cloud creates an exciting opportunity to change the way businesses think about getting work done. An opportunity to empower employees. An opportunity to shift our focus to innovation.  But we know enterprises still perceive significant barriers to widespread adoption.

It’s our goal to tear down every one of these barriers. A few weeks ago, we launched Box Accelerator and knocked down one barrier – improving Box performance globally – with a 10x improvement in upload speeds. Next up, we’re taking aim at security and access control.

We’ve always made securing your content a priority, and today we’re launching four more security and management improvements that give CIOs and IT more visibility into content, more choices for authentication and more tools for monitoring activity on Box.

Advanced search in the admin console

First, we’re making it easier for admins to discover content across the enterprise.  Building on the advanced admin console beta we announced in May, we’re giving our admins to more powerful search tools, letting them quickly find content by date range, content type, size and context. The new interface is fast and accessible. My favorite new feature: any search can be easily bookmarked for future reference. Need to regularly search for all the videos uploaded in the last week? We’ve got you covered. If you’re an enterprise customer interested in joining the beta, contact us at

New reporting API and GoodData partnership

CIOs and IT teams need the ability to monitor activity and trigger real-time alerts as employees and external collaborators create, upload and share content. With our new reporting API, you can extract log data from Box and use it in your business intelligence platform of choice. We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with GoodData too, letting our customers directly use Box activity data to inform their sales, marketing and organizational reporting.

Two-step login verification

Box already supports multi-factor authentication through SSO partners like Ping, Okta, Citrix, OneLogin and VMWare. Now, we’re rolling out a native login verification option to everyone, letting end users and admins protect access to content across Box clients – Web, mobile and partner apps. Check out our support site for setup instructions for individual users and admins.

Integration with Proofpoint DLP

Finally, we’re announcing a new relationship with Proofpoint to offer data loss prevention (DLP) for documents uploaded to Box. This integration will simplify the process for identifying restricted content, removing it from shared folders and protecting against the loss of confidential information.

There’s a lot more coming next week at BoxWorks, too – we just couldn’t wait to share the news about these four features. To learn more about Box’s commitment to security and our vision for how enterprises can change their game with the cloud, join us at BoxWorks in San Francisco next week, or stay tuned here for more announcements!