Cross the workflow finish line with Box Relay

The phrase "work smarter, not harder" truly applies when it comes to increasing operational efficiencies. And one of the quickest ways to realize these efficiencies is to automate manual processes.

To help with this business challenge, we announced our foray into business process automation last year at BoxWorks with Box Relay. And we couldn't think of a better event to share the news. At BoxWorks this year, we are announcing that Box Relay is slated for GA on November 13th!

Repeatable Tasks are Time Consuming and Difficult to Manage

Co-developed with IBM, we built Relay with the appreciation that most of us - no matter the role - manually do so much of our day-to-day work that is repeatable. In fact, a TechValidate survey we conducted showed that 73% of those surveyed do 50 or more repeatable tasks each week!

And when it comes to quickly and easily completing our repeatable work, businesses of every size face major hurdles. From approving invoices; to creating, reviewing, and approving marketing collateral; and redlining, signing and filing contracts - every department in a company has repeatable business processes that are a time suck. 45% of the survey respondents say the spend half of their day working on these repeatable tasks. We’ve heard it from our customers: most workflow tools in the market today are expensive and complex. That’s why so many people still rely on ad-hoc, manual solutions like email, spreadsheets and task software.

Box Relay: Workflow Made Simple

Box Relay is a new kind of workflow tool that allows anyone to easily create custom workflows to get work done faster. Leveraging IBM's deep expertise in the space and Box's focus on simple and intuitive user experiences, Box Relay orchestrates the entire business process, start to finish - all within Box.

Relay is different from other workflow tools in 3 key ways:

First, we allow any user to build their own workflows - simply, quickly, intuitively. Without the requirement of IT or a complex tool that takes significant ramp-up time, allow any business user to build out the processes they do on a repeatable basis. Make your workflows as simple or as sophisticated with looping and branching. Or choose a pre-built template from your companies repository or customize your own process leveraging our intuitive design.

Second, we scale your processes to the extended enterprise. For most workflow tools, adding external users to business processes becomes a security risk, since they typically require every participant to be part of the company's enterprise domain. So automating processes that include customers, vendors and partners are largely an impossibility. With Relay, including external users is as easy as adding the external users email address. Your content remains safely and securely managed within Box.

Finally, we provide real-time visibility into their business process. Workflow users can see their workflows completed in real-time. Assignees get email notifications when work is assigned and overdue, eliminating the wasted time of updating others on progress - or finding out how or why it stalled. Relay eliminates the wasted time of 'project managing' their work and instead gives them the time back to do the work.

We are proud to say that we now have over 250 beta customers using Box Relay today. They are leveraging Relay to scale and streamline business processes - from simple to sophisticated - across entire organizations. From customers like Lord & Taylor, Schneider Electric, to Six Flags, customers are using Relay to drive productivity across teams and standardize processes to reduce errors and improve efficiency.

The takeaway: Relay is a true ally of process automation to end-users and IT teams alike.

To learn more about Box Relay, please register for our upcoming webinar Introducing Box Relay: Workflow Made Simple.