Box Platform Updates for May

Box Platform Updates for May

The Box Platform team has had a busy May.  Our team's focus has shifted slightly to tackle a few large and exciting projects, so you may see a smaller volume of changes in place of a few awesome announcements and releases in the upcoming months.  Nonetheless, here are the updates on the latest features, changes, and upcoming roadmap for the Box platform.  If you have any questions, please ask on our developer forum within Box Community.

New Features and Improvements:


  • In an effort to optimize folder requests, we rolled out a change on May 20 that removed the item_collection field from folder requests.  Unfortunately, this broke a handful of applications that were depending on this field being returned and we did not provide any prior communications about the change.  Our deepest apologies if this affected any of your apps and we are more than happy to meet with anybody that has concerns moving forward.  We are currently in the process of setting up new policies and procedures to prevent breaking changes like this from happening again in the future.
  • On-behalf-of: This powerful administration feature was announced previously, but we recently added it to the documentation:

Future Updates

  • We are planning on making the UI of the OAuth 2 page mobile optimized in the near future for phones and tablets.  This is purely an html change and will not change any of the underlying functionality of the authentication process.
  • V1 of our API is deprecating on Dec 13, 2013.  Please start making the transition to our V2 API as soon as possible
  • More file name support is coming in the next couple months, after we finish testing it with some partners.  If you're interested in early access, please contact us
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