Box Platform Updates for June

June has been an exciting month of new releases and launches for the Box platform. Our biggest announcement was an exciting new program that will help developers monetize on our platform. In addition, we released a whole slew of new tools to make it easier than ever to develop on our API. If you have any questions, please ask on our developer forum within Box Community.

New Features and Improvements

  • $rev: We announced our new monetization model for partners and developers to generate revenue from their applications. If you missed the news and press coverage, you can find a great blog summary here.
  • New SDKS: We launched a set of new SDKs built on our V2 API. In terms of development effort, these SDKs include many helpers such as OAuth, file, and folder handlers that will dramatically decrease your time to integration with the API. The official SDKs we released were iOS, Android, Windows, and Java, with a reference to two great community-built Ruby and C# SDKs as well. For more information, visit
  • New parameters on files: version_number has been added as a parameter to the files object to give you a better understanding of which file version you have. comment_count has also been added as a parameter on the files object to give you a total count of comments on any given file. Both of these will only be returned when asked for specifically using the fields parameter.
  • New parameters on folders: has_collaborations has been added as parameter on the folder object to help determine whether a folder is private or shared. This attribute will only be returned if explicitly requested through the fields URL parameter and will not be returned by default.
  • Featured applications of the month: We highlighted two great partner applications, Wrike for project management and Showcase for sales productivity. Check them out if you're looking for new apps or want to get a sense of two great integrations with our platform


  • We have recently launched an API roadmap page to provide more transparency into the changes happening on the API. You can find this page here.
  • With the release of our new SDKs and our sunsetting of our V1 API in December 2013, we are starting the process of deprecating our old SDKs. These include the following:

Future Updates

  • We are in the process of making some great UI enhancements to Box Embed. Stay tuned for more documentation next month on how to utilize these features.
  • V1 of our API is deprecating on Dec 13, 2013. Please start making the transition to our V2 API as soon as possible.
  • As part of our ongoing commitment to stability, performance, and security, we will be moving our web application from to on July 10, 2013. For example, enterprise and business domains will migrate from to This should not affect any of your applications and they should continue to function as is. See the FAQ for more details about these changes.
  • We have found a small bug in our permissions framework that we are looking to fix. Previously, co-owners of folders were able to move or delete a collab’d subfolder. Now, co-owners of folders can no longer move or delete collab’d subfolders; you must be a folder owner to move or delete these folders. If you are trying to move or delete folders as a co-owner, you would now receive a 403 error code now instead of a 200 success code.
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