Box OneCloud Reaches 700 Mobile App Integrations Milestone

It’s been an exciting and engaging year for the Box Platform. Every month now, we see four billion API calls and 700 million third-party API calls on the platform. We’re working with nearly 28,000 developers to make your productivity experience more effective and efficient wherever and whenever you need to work. In June, we launched Box $rev, an industry-first monetization program for developers to create the best apps on Box and drive further adoption. We also unveiled new enterprise SDKs for iOS, Android and Windows to make it incredibly easy for developers to build mobile apps for Box in a matter of hours. Box has even been integrated with popular web-and mobile-based solutions in the healthcare, education, construction and legal industries to meet specific customer needs. And today at BoxWorks Developer Day, we are excited to announce new partner integrations that will add more value to the Box platform for our users. Check out the full list below to get more information.

New OneCloud Applications

WiselistWiselist – Wiselist is a simple, beautiful yet really useful ToDo app. Wiselist allows you to add long notes, checklists, and files, as well as color customize your categories from an incredible color palette, to your Box account so that everything related to your project is organized in the cloud!

GoFormzGoFormz – GoFormz is a cloud-based, mobile data management platform for the enterprise, allowing organizations to more easily acquire, store, analyze and share data captured by their mobile workforce. With the app you can now automatically upload completed GoFormz forms into folders within your Box account making it even easier to share your forms with colleagues, customers or anyone else.

EasilyDoEasilyDo – Unlike traditional productivity and social apps, EasilyDo is a smart, all-in-one assistant app that finds important everyday tasks and communications from your calendar, email, Facebook, etc. No to-do lists, no digging, no switching back and forth between apps. With EasilyDo and Box, users will now be able to automate saving important emails through a secure storage option in their Box accounts!

FileThis FetchFileThis Fetch – FileThis Fetch is an easy-to-use, free app and web service that securely fetches and delivers all your financial statements, bills and documents from your bank, retirement fund, credit card and utility companies into the destination of your choice, such as Box.

LifeTopixLifeTopix – LifeTopix is a complete life organization app designed from the ground up to redefine productivity very differently from the same old daily planners, personal organizers, to-do lists and calendars – with natural connections and reuse across topics and data. With Box and LifeTopix, you can keep all that information synced securely in your Box account.

New Web-based Applications

LilypadLilypad – LilyPad fills the gap between sales training and the CRM. Using ‘gamification’, social concepts, and cloud principles, LilyPad provides a unique set of tools for both sales management and reps. Clients configure activities, task, icons, point values, contests, individual goals, resources, and more to meet the specific needs of their team. With Box and LilyPad, you can optimize your sales team’s productivity to the max.

Red eRed e App – Red e App enables BYOD mobility and communication to front line workers, non-desk employees, members and partners in secure enterprise environments. By combining Red e App's robust platform with Box, businesses will be able to securely share and collaborate on files with the entire organization, including hourly employees that are not provided with corporate email accounts or don't have access to the corporate network.

SizzlepigSizzlepig – sizzlepig is a digital production tool that takes a folder of images from Box, makes an unlimited number of sizes and crops, and puts back on Box.  All files are optimized in one step for desktop, mobile, tablet and more. With sizzlepig and Box, you can work efficiently and have creative control while making higher quality results, as a collaborative team project or by yourself.

SpinriotSpinRiot – SpinRiot transforms messages, video and images into an interactive multi-screen (web, tablet, mobile and TV) phenomenon to create engaging content delivered through an organized, consistent, on-demand media experience. Through the Box integration, SpinRiot will allow customers to seamlessly sync their Box content library and use their existing multimedia files and documents to build engaging sales and marketing tools.

TapteraTaptera Showcase – Built exclusively for Box customers, Showcase will enable businesses to provide access to offline content in a branded environment to employees on the road. This is particularly important as companies today aren’t just working with traditional office documents and road warriors need a way to easily and securely access many different types of files including video, images and audio recordings.

If you are interested in learning more about these applications and others, come visit us today at Developer Day at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. You can also follow the action live at the @BoxPlatform Twitter handle using the hashtag #boxdev.