Box OneCloud Brings The Mobile Enterprise to Android

We first announced Box OneCloud back in late March, with the modest goal of revolutionizing businesses productivity and content collaboration from any tablet or smartphone. We knew we needed top-notch partner apps to accomplish this goal, which is why we called upon leading developers and software vendors to build on our open platform. In just a few short months, we’ve seen massive Box OneCloud user adoption and developer engagement.

Today, we support over 50 integrations on iOS, and have new tools that make it easy to integrate mobile apps into Box OneCloud. The Result: Our app partners have their integrations exposed to over 120,000 businesses running Box, with the opportunity for new revenue and new users. We launched first on iOS and received an overwhelming response from the community to quickly follow-up with Android support. We heard you loud and clear: Today, we’re extremely excited to expand Box OneCloud to Android.

Box OneCloud for Android includes the following features:

  • App Gallery: shows users what apps work with Box and is contextually sensitive to show the best apps for file editing and creation
  • Round-trip integrations: provides a seamless way for you to open Box files in partner apps and save them back to Box.
  • Fifty Android App partners, including leading mobile productivity app integrations from FetchNotes, iAnnotate, Docusign Ink and Breezy

Here's a screenshot of how the Box OneCloud app for Android looks and works.

New Developer Tools: Box OneCloud for Android SDK

In building Box OneCloud for Android, we created a new SDK that allows developers to easily integrate with the Box Android app for seamless round-trip file editing and management. The SDK takes advantage of the native file management capabilities and encryption of files in transit between apps. Finally, we build on the file intent system that is already part of the Android operating system.

Get started today. Come meet us at Google I/O

Interested in integrating your Android app into Box OneCloud? See our developer documentation here. If you’ll be attending Google I/O this week, we’d love for you to join us at our after-party at the Cartoon Art Museum on Thursday. You’ll be able to chat with members of our platform team, as well as current OneCloud partners. Spaces are limited, so please sign up here.

Finding the right partners and engineering the right technology is absolutely critical if we want to build the world’s best cloud content and collaboration platform. Today’s launch is another important step in the future of productivity in the post-PC era. We’re thrilled to help our users discover new applications, allow our developers reach new audiences, and enable enterprises to manage information better. This is just the beginning.