Rises Above the Cloud and Launches Space Computing Initiative (Eat it, Microsoft)

We're excited to finally unveil our top secret initiative to address the limitations of cloud services and exploit the next great technology frontier: space. Thanks to a whopping $500 million round of Series C funding, we'll be migrating the content of our current 4 million Box users to various locations across our constellation of planetary bases. With modest growth projections of 4 billion users by 2020 driven by population increase and an inevitable SharePoint exodus, the future content management and collaboration demands of earth-based businesses made the move to outer space a no-brainer.

Box Co-founder and Chief Exploration Officer Aaron Levie explains this historic (rocket-based) launch:

"It became abundantly clear that cloud computing is on its way out when Steve Ballmer announced that Microsoft is 'all in.' Fortunately, is already light years ahead, pursuing the next great technology frontier with our space computing initiative."

As a customer of Box's Space Content Management solution, you'll benefit from:

Interplanetary file redundancy: Geographic redundancy is great, but what happens when a meteor hits Earth and destroys it? Box has that solved with interplanetary redundancy. Your files will be stored on a minimum of 3 planets with at least one in another galaxy, reducing the risk of black holes, alien invasions and yet-undiscovered space things.

WarpTravel CDN: To decrease file loading times with our new system, we have implemented a WarpTravel content distribution network using an Alcubierre drive, which serves files to the planet closest to you, at any time.

Secure file deletion: Rest assured, when a file is removed from our service, its gone forever. Using our patented black hole algorithm, we ensure your file is sent through a black hole of at least 4 million solar masses.'s central space station, code-named Boxnik, is currently staffed by a crew of 20 Boxonauts and one space monkey, a veteran of the Russian space program. For Boxnik images and more information on the benefits of Space Content Management, Boxnik job openings, and initial reactions from prominent earthlings such as Larry Ellison and Mark Zuckerberg, please visit We also invite fellow adventurers and space advocates to help protect Boxnik from invading FTP servers and Microsoft Star Destroyers though a virtual missile control center also available at this site.

May the force be with you.

Post by Buzz Filewalker, Chief Content Commander, Boxnik