Box Metrics: Businesses Use Mix of Cloud and On-Premise Solutions to Collaborate

One of the (many) benefits of providing software over the web is that we get great analytics on how you - our users - are engaging with your content on Box. We can track things like the adoption-rate of new features like HTML5-powered drag and drop, usage of our OpenBox platform integrations, and levels of engagement through our mobile apps. We're also lucky to have enthusiastic and vocal users that participate in our regular surveys (thank you!). All of these insights and input are then put to use as we strive to make Box even better.

Every now and then, we run across really compelling that's too cool to keep to ourselves. Businesses today are managing, collaborating and sharing content in new and interesting ways, and we've decided to start sharing some of the bigger trends we're seeing through monthly metrics reports.

For our first Box Metrics report, we're diving into the results from a recent user survey that explores what services businesses are using in conjunction with Box, where they see our primary value, and how these answers change across businesses of different sizes. We gained some pretty interesting insights into how companies are using a mix of cloud and on-premise solutions, with small businesses leading the charge in cloud adoption. Perhaps most interesting is the number of businesses that are using Box and SharePoint together (13% of respondents), as shown in the chart at the right. We often talk to customers who have made the switch from SharePoint to Box because they find that sharing with SharePoint (and especially sharing externally) is just too complex. And of course, there's a lot of overlap with Box and our OpenBox partner, Google Apps, where businesses get the combined power of our cloud content management platform and Google's communication and collaboration solution.

There's a lot more data in the report, so check it out and let us know what you think! And keep an eye out for some cool Box Metrics reports in the near-future. Spoiler alert: in July, we'll be sharing some pretty interesting data from our mobile platform, so stay tuned.

Post by Ashley Mayer, Communications Manager