Box Joins Open Compute

We're happy to announce that Box is now a member of the Open Compute Project (OCP). Facebook started the Open Compute Project (OCP) two years ago to open source infrastructure development and spark more sharing and collaboration in the industry -- two initiatives that strongly resonate with us here at Box.

We've operated our own data centers for quite some time. We believe it's a core competency for a cloud provider and a key competitive advantage for Box, especially in the enterprise market where our ability to deliver high levels of service and a quality experience through our own technical innovation is critical to our customers' ability to work smarter, better and faster.

Today, we have three data centers in the U.S. to support our 20 million users globally, with every piece of data and file on Box backed up and a world-class facility wholly devoted to disaster recovery. As we move further into the enterprise, we're dealing with significant scale: an international utility company supports 70,000 collaborators on Box; a global media company stores hundreds of terabytes of data on our platform.

As we continue to work with global companies like Procter & Gamble, Schneider Electric, Chevron and Safeway, expand our presence in regulated markets, invest in our platform, and grow globally, innovation in computing -- especially in hardware, which is increasingly a commodity -- will be in increasingly high demand.

In fact, this demand for innovation goes well beyond Box. Billions of people around the world leverage the cloud every day to stay connected with each other, to collaborate and work, and to create the ideas and businesses of tomorrow. With that kind of scale, and that great a potential for impact, projects like Open Compute are essential. They make it possible to channel the innovation of an industry and individuals and allow its benefits to be broadly shared.

As a member of The Open Compute Project, we are excited to join the conversation and foster more collaboration in the industry.