Box iPad and iPhone App Updates: No Connectivity? No Problem.

Today's workplace has exploded beyond the office walls and into coffee shops, airplanes and our homes. At Box, we're building a powerful mobile platform to meet the demands of this increasingly mobile workforce, making it easy for you to access, share and collaborate on your content, wherever you are. But what happens when "wherever" has a spotty data connection, or no Wi-Fi access? We believe that just because your connectivity sucks, that's no reason your productivity has to suffer.

We're excited to announce some powerful new updates to both our iPhone and iPad apps, soon to be available for free in the App Store. In addition to being able to access, share and comment on content on-the-go, you'll now be able to:

  • Save files for offline access so that you can read them on the plane or share them at a meeting without worrying about connectivity
  • Sync saved files with updated versions when a collaborator makes a change - but don't worry, we'll notify you first and give you the option to update the file
  • Preview files faster with file caching

We've also made a few UI tweaks to both the iPad and iPhone apps to make sharing and viewing content sexier than ever. And we've optimized the Box experience on the iPhone 4, adding support for iOS4, fast app switching, and high-res graphics. Take it for a spin and let us know what you think.

These updates are just the beginning. Mobile is going to get even hotter as businesses of all sizes recognize the value in making their information and processes more extensible by moving them to the cloud. Traditional enterprise software solutions like Microsoft SharePoint don't have a strong mobile presence, and aren't likely to have one anytime soon. At Box, we'll continue to invest heavily in mobile, so stay tuned for some exciting developments in the pipeline - there's more to come with iPad/iPhone, but also across other mobile platforms (hint hint).