Box for MobileIron Improves Mobile Security for the Enterprise

Mobile security continues to be one of the most important concerns for enterprise IT decision-makers as mobile devices and applications become dominant in the corporate world. At Box, content protection and control is a core focus for our team, as many of our customers choose Box to not only improve collaboration and increase productivity, but also to help them tackle tough industry regulations and compliance policies. While we have built powerful native capabilities to secure how content is accessed and shared on mobile devices, we have also partnered with industry leaders in the security space to give customers more options.

Today, I'm excited to share the latest iteration of our Box for ME (Box for MobileIron Enabled) iPhone and iPad app, which enables employees to safely access content from their personal mobile device in a secure, encrypted container. Box for ME now incorporates all the great innovations and features released in our Box for iPhone and iPad v3 app, such as the immersive and simple UI, new preview experience, full-text search, etc. It also better integrates with MobileIron's security controls, allowing IT to:

  • Mandate that users login to Box with their active directory credentials, as opposed to personal credentials
  • Whitelist specific 3rd-party apps to ensure content from Box can only be opened into other AppConnect-enabled applications
  • Restrict the ability for users to cut, copy or paste content from Box to prevent possible data loss
  • Limit the ability for users to open Box content into other apps for print content from Box


Empowering today's mobile workforce requires us to serve the needs of two important audiences: end users, who want productivity, usability and anywhere access, and IT, who is charged with making their organizations more agile while maintaining control over sensitive data. Box for ME is designed for organizations who value the controls offered by an MDM provider, while still maintaining a high level of productivity.

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about how Box for ME can benefit your business and download the latest version in the App Store.