Box Edit with Auto-Updates Means Easier File Editing, Forever

Box Edit is a must-have tool for anyone creating and editing files on Box. It lets you easily work with common file formats like Word docs, Photoshop images and AutoCAD files (plus many more!) from within Box, without needing to download a file to your computer, edit it offline, and then re-upload to your account.

The popular feature lets you open and edit files directly from Box in one click, then save your changes back to the cloud seamlessly. Better yet, with our latest release, you’ll be able to receive every new feature and update in the future automatically.

Need a quick review of everything you can do with Box Edit? We’ve got you covered.

Edit existing files and save changes to the cloud

With Box Edit, you can edit all the file types you already work with – like images, videos, spreadsheets, documents and more – without leaving Box.

To make changes while previewing a file, click the Edit button and the file will open in the native application associated with that file type. For example, if you want to edit a .doc file, it will open in Microsoft Word automatically. If you’re modifying a .psd file, you’re just a click away from working on it in Adobe Photoshop. If you can edit a file on your PC or Mac, you can edit it with Box.

Once you’re done, click Save within that app and your changes will be saved back to Box automatically. Your latest work goes straight to the cloud, no uploading required!

Create new Microsoft Office files on Box

The New menu option includes a quick way for you to create new Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint files without leaving Box. You’ll add a title and the new document will be launched automatically in the associated native application so you can get straight to work.

Use file locking for conflict-free collaboration

With file lock/unlock functionality, you can lock a document to prevent others from making conflicting changes while you’re editing. Just remember to unlock it when you’re finished so your team can continue collaborating as needed.

Install once, get future updates automatically

Whether you are new to Box Edit or a long time user, be sure to download the latest update available today. With this version, we’ve added an auto-update feature that means you’ll always be pushed new features as we roll them out automatically – no need to reinstall or update in the future!

Box makes editing easy, no matter where you’re working

Box Edit makes it easy to edit files when you’re working in Box on your Windows or Mac, but what if you’re on the go and working from your phone or tablet? Don’t worry, Box OneCloud is your new best friend! Available on iOS and Android, OneCloud lets you open files from Box in one of our 300 partner apps, edit and save back to your account easily! Check out more info on Box OneCloud to learn how to get started.

We hope you love using Box Edit as much as the team here at Box does! Remember to install the latest version today to boost your productivity on Box and get all future updates and new features automatically. Let us know what you think of this tool below or on Twitter @BoxHQ!