Box + docTrackr: Security and Control for Documents Everywhere

The following is a guest post from Clément Cazalot, CEO and Co-founder of docTrackr, one of Box’s newest partners for DRM, document tracking, and encryption.  This article is the second in a series about security, collaboration, and content in the cloud.

With serious momentum in companies in every industry and of every size, sharing content in the cloud has never been more mainstream, and Box is leading the charge. Yet some organizations need even tighter controls and tougher security for their cloud-based data. In the past, these confidential documents were locked up behind a firewall, protected by sophisticated on-premises software that allowed content owners to encrypt and track files. But the mobile collaboration opportunities presented by the cloud also present security challenges. How can companies adapt?

docTrackr is designed to help companies extend a high level of security and tracking to their new cloud infrastructure. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new integration with Box, which allows Box users to secure and control documents whether they’re stored on Box or a local device. Once the docTrackr app is installed, any Box folder can be flagged for protection. Documents are encrypted automatically, and the encryption persists even when a file is copied to a local drive or a USB stick. If a user is removed from Box, access to any content they downloaded there is removed as well. Additionally, forwarding, editing or printing can be restricted, giving the content owner the ability to remote-control (or remote-destroy) files. Leaving no document unprotected is a powerful capability—especially in BYOD environments.

With this new partnership, Box is the first cloud collaboration platform to offer integrated DRM (digital rights management) functionality, eliminating the need for heavy on-premise IT investment. Bridging this “last mile” means we can now ensure true end-to-end security—an important step in bringing the full range of business processes and use cases to the cloud.

Interested in learning more? You can try docTrackr for free in the Box app store at