Box + Codecademy

Our goal with the Box API is to make it both extremely powerful and extremely easy to use. Our API offers a wide breadth of features, and it can take time to master them all. In the ideal world, we'd send a member of our team to help every developer using the Box API. Unfortunately, we only have one intern, so that's not going to work.

Today, we're happy to announce that we're partnering with Codecademy to make learning how to use the Box API easier than ever. Codecademy provides an amazing online platform for both teaching and learning about programming, covering beginner topics as well as more complex tasks such as building full web applications.

 Starting today, you can find lessons about the Box API on Codecademy created by our very own API experts! Our goal with these lessons is to both enable the beginner who's never programmed before as well as help more experienced programmers who want to understand the finer points of our API. Here's a sampling of the things covered in the first lessons:

  • Using OAuth
  • All About API Resources
  • Making Your First API Call
  • Creating a Folder
  • Adding a Description to a Folder
  • Writing Your Own Files
  • Uploading Files

…and we'll be adding more over time! All of the content we add to Codecademy will be based on the questions and feedback you have for us, so let us know what you'd like to learn about. You can find the course here.