Box app for the iPad: A New Way to Engage with Content

There's a major divide between how we experience content on our computer screen, and how we experience it in paper form. The first relationship is distant, with our keyboard and mouse serving as intermediaries; the second is tactile, but requires returning to the computer to share and collaborate. With the the Box App for iPad, we're bridging this gap by putting your business content directly in your hands, and giving you the tools to engage with it in rich and interactive ways.

The Box App for iPad is available today on the App Store for free - you can check out early reviews in CNET and Macworld. Like many companies and consumers, we see the iPad as a transformative device, and believe that solutions like Box can make the iPad a transformative device for business. We're taking everything we've done for our mobile platform - making it easy for users to access, collaborate and share content on-the-go - and bringing it to the iPad, while also taking advantage of this device's unique form factor to deliver a totally unique experience.

Imagine catching up on your department's activities in the updates feed while taking the train to work, or showing a folder of content to colleagues or clients during a meeting. With a two-pane interface, navigation is seamless: you can view a document while also navigating your files and folders, or comment on a file while viewing it at the same time. You can easily hide the file browsing menu and view content on its own in portrait mode, and you can share files and folders with anyone in just a few taps.

This is just the beginning: in the coming weeks and months, we'll continue to push the boundaries of cloud content management on this new device, while also connecting Box to other business iPad apps so that you can access your business content and collaboration tools across applications, just as we've done with our OpenBox mobile platform.

We're really excited about the Box App for iPad, and look forward to hearing feedback from all you early adopters. Feel free to share your first impressions here or @boxdotnet.

Post by Michael Smith, Product Manager, Mobile