Box + Android: Better, Faster, Easier

Boxers (and Box users) love their mobile devices. Since we first introduced Box for Android last year, there's been an explosion in the number of users who use the app to access Box. In late 2010, about 10% of our mobile traffic came from our Android app – we've seen that figure jump up to nearly 20% in 2011, and it continues to rise as more consumers and enterprises adopt Android-powered devices.

We're happy to announce an update today that makes it faster and easier for you to share you files with Box. The newest version of the app features:

  • Upload in the background: Your uploads will be moved to your device's notification bar, allowing you to get back to work while your file is sent to the cloud. You can even go back to the notification bar to the see your file's progress.
  • Send-to Box: Now you can take a photo, create a word document, or record an audio file and send it directly to Box – without even launching Box for Android. After creating a file or taking a photo, hit 'share', select 'Box' from the list of applications, select the destination folder and your desired name for the file, then hit upload.

This update is live on the Android Marketplace, so head on over and download it today.

2011 is shaping up to be an exciting year in the mobile space, and our enthusiastic team can't wait to bring Box to every device you own, whether it's an iPad 2, Android phone or Honeycomb tablet. Keep an eye out for updates and new apps later this year!