Box and iOS 8 Bring Data Portability to the Mobile Enterprise

Today, we’re excited to announce that Box for iPhone and iPad  is available in the App Store, with support for Apple’s new iOS Document Picker framework. This is a huge milestone for openness and interoperability, and we're thrilled to support iOS 8 on day one to transform productivity and collaboration for individuals, businesses and industries.

With the new iOS App Extensions, you can access your Box content from any other app that supports this framework, like iWork and other productivity solutions. For instance, you'll be able to select any document on Box and open it in your favorite editor; work on content from Box within a mobile project management tool; or share data with colleagues within a communication app. This gives you unprecedented freedom and control when it comes to your information, while maintaining the security you expect with Box.


This is a bellwether moment for openness in the enterprise. With the App Store, Apple has created a thriving ecosystem of apps that improve and define our personal and work lives. Now, Apple is pushing the boundaries of interoperability by allowing unprecedented communication between these apps. Notably, Apple is not just enabling this communication between its own apps, but rather, opening the framework up to early partners like Box, recognizing that information must move freely for people to work the way they want.

Imagine what it means for an organization like GE, which has over 80,000 iPads and iPhones across its global workforce. When GE chose to roll out Box to 300,000 employees, CIO Jamie Miller said "Cloud and mobile devices mean that choice, access, and work all have to change." In a recent Apple earnings call, Tim Cook noted that 98 percent of Fortune 500 companies are testing or using iPads. Within these organizations are hundreds - even thousands - of apps where work is being done every day. To truly support choice and help employees be more effective and collaborative, it's essential that information is not locked within a single app.

We’re just at the beginning of the Post-PC technology shift, with many more years of innovation to come. What Apple introduced today is crucial to the health and success of this transition.