Box and GoodData: Powerful Analytics for Security, Adoption and Engagement

Our customers have given us a deep understanding of how to create a wildly successful Box deployment. We measure user adoption, internal collaboration, mobility and customer engagement. Our goal is to help companies get the most out of Box and provide them with simple, elegant tools to keep them successful as they grow. Our customer success team and is just one way we do this.

Today, I'm thrilled to announce another great tool to help admins cut through complexity and find opportunities to improve their use of Box. We're expanding our partnership with GoodData and today they're releasing GoodBox Bash, a cloud-based service that lets customers view and analyze key data about how their business is using Box. Available immediately from GoodData, GoodBox gives instant insights into the security of content stored in Box, how different teams adopt and collaborate in Box and where opportunities exist to do more with content.

The first thing that the GoodBox Bash gives businesses is truly customizable alerting and monitoring. No matter how big you are -- if you have a few hundred employees or a few hundred thousand -- it's critical to get a view over all your critical corporate data. With GoodBox, you can watch Box activity and use the rich visualizations to spot identify any abnormal behavior. Whether you're looking for suspicious download activity or want to track previews and shared links to specific document sets, GoodBox gives you better visibility and better control over your content.

We also want our customers to squeeze every bit of value they can out of Box. The second thing GoodBox exposes is how different teams in your organization are adopting, engaging with and collaborating in Box. Pay attention to how your top-performing teams use Box, identify best practices and great new use cases, and then spread that knowledge to other teams. You can even tie content and events to broader business metrics to see how your content is influencing revenue, close rates and cost management.

For more information, check out the details on GoodData's page or contact your Box rep for a demo!