Boost Your Company's Recruiting Efforts with JobFlo

With the economy picking up, you’ve probably had a fair share of resumes sent your way, or assisted in recruiting efforts at your company. It’s hard to keep track of all that information—more often than not, recruiting involves spreadsheets, and a whole lot of emails, not to mention a boatload of attachments.

What if we told you there was an app to easily manage and share that information, that it was free, and better yet, that it integrated seamlessly with Box?

JobFlo is a cloud-based recruiting application that lets you tap into social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and also post to major job boards (SimplyHired, Indeed, Google). Because it integrates with Box, Jobflo automatically copies new applicant resumes to your Box account. You can also share feedback via our new social features, preview resumes instantly, and leverage full-text search to quickly find the candidate you want.

Jobflo will be available early next week on the Box App Store. For more information, you can check out