Bonjour! Box for Android Adds New Collaboration Features and a 50GB Upgrade to Boost Productivity

As you’ve probably heard, we’re giving away 50GB upgrades to new and existing Box Personal users who log in from any Android phone or tablet in the next month. With all that extra space for storage and sharing, Box for Android users can easily collaborate with colleagues on business content from anywhere, especially given the slew of new features we’re adding with today’s update (v1.6) to the app.

Invite people to your folders. Quickly share content with another Box user by inviting them as a collaborator to a folder, right from your device. Collaborators can view and contribute content to folders you share with them, plus they get updates whenever anything changes. Perfect for working together on projects or for exchanging large files you can’t send over email. Please note that to activate this new feature, you'll need to grant permission for the app to access your contacts – we only use this data to quickly retrieve email addresses for the invite field, and don't store any contact information on Box's servers.

View and add comments to files. Bring collaboration to the next level by having a conversation right on a file stored in Box. You can now view full threads on files and add your own messages from anywhere. Exchanging feedback with others doesn’t have to stop when you’re away from your desk. Monitor comment activity across your account from the Updates view or the home screen widget, only found on Android.

Upload multiple files and monitor progress. We’ve improved the process for getting content from your device into Box by adding progress indicators inside the app. Now you can upload files in the background while you continue navigating your account. We’ve also enabled multiple-file uploading from the SD card, making it simple to move content from your device into the cloud. For mobile workers – such as project managers at a construction site – being able to quickly send photos and other status updates back to the home office directly from an Android device in the field is a big time saver.

Available in your language. Parlez-vous Français? Vielleicht Deutsch? Since today’s businesses often operate across borders and even oceans, Box for Android is now available in French, Italian, German and Spanish – with more languages on the way! We hope it’ll simplify collaboration with your team no matter where colleagues are located, and make you feel right at home in your Box account. You’ll see Box in your native language as long as you have one of the supported languages set in your Android Settings.

You can see all these features in action below:

On top of these new features, we’ve also added a UI overhaul in line with Android Design guidelines. For example, we’ve converted to using the standard “Action Bar” control so the app will now look and behave consistently with other Android apps following the design guidelines, and you’ll get a more streamlined experience across the operating system – helping you save valuable time when working from Box on your Android phone or tablet. Note that you can now quickly jump up and down your file hierarchy and locate many action shortcuts inside the “spinner” on the Action Bar.

We’ll be showing off the new design and features next week in the Google booth at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Be sure to stop by and say hi if you’re attending the show!

And, of course, download the latest version of Box for Android now.

With so much packed into this latest release, we are excited to hear what you think. Share a comment here or reach out on Twitter @BoxHQ.