Apps Marketplace Spotlight: Picnik

If you use Box to share designs, mocks and photos with your team, you'll definitely find this week's app incredibly useful. Picnik is an image editor in the cloud that allows you to make changes without leaving your Box account. Its easy-to-use interface and robust tools make it simple enough for anyone to use, while still powerful enough for quick edits before presentations and meetings.

To get started with Picnik, head over to the app page while logged in and click "Add". After that, you'll be able to edit your images in Box by either right-clicking on a file or clicking on the "more options" button, then selecting "edit image". The Picnik window will then pop up, allowing you to edit your image and save it back to Box.

To customize your Box experience even more, head over to our Apps Marketplace. It's updated all the time with awesome apps to help you manage all of your content in the cloud.