Apps Marketplace Spotlight: FedEx Office

Even though we're huge fans of keeping everything online and in the cloud, we know there are those rare (or maybe not so rare) occasions when you need hard copies. With our FedEx app, you can print - and even ship - your documents from Box with just a few clicks of a mouse.

To use it, just visit the app page and click 'install'. After that, right-click on a file in your account and select the 'print to FedEx' option. A window will then pop up, taking you directly to the FedEx website. Since your document will be pre-loaded in the queue, all you have to do is click "continue", configure your print options, then select your FedEx store of choice. You can even arrange for FedEx to deliver your documents anywhere you choose. This means that you can send phsycial copies of your documents across the country (or the globe) without ever leaving your browser. Pretty neat!

To start using FedEx Office with your Box account, head over to our Apps Marketplace today.

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