Apps Marketplace Spotlight: AutoCAD WS

If you're a construction worker, it can be difficult to get critical documents when you're in the field and away from the office. These difficulties are magnified if you need CAD files, which have historically required expensive software to edit or view. That's why we're so proud to announce a new integration that will make it even easier for construction workers and designers to get all their important content, wherever they are.

AutoCAD WS now has a "Connect to Service" feature, which includes the ability to access all your Box content from within the WS interface. This is especially interesting since the AutoCAD WS team has a philosophy that very much mirrors our own - they want to make all of your CAD drawings accessible from anywhere on any device. As part of this launch, they have not only a web-based editor and viewer, but also apps for the iPhone and iPad as well as Android devices.

The most important feature of this integration is that you can now view DWG and DXF files without having to own CAD viewing software – just create a free WS account, connect it to Box, and you will be able to open any DWG or DXF file in your Box account in the WS viewer. Like Box, WS also allows you to share files with other people whether or not they have their own WS account. Simply select a document in WS, choose share, enter their email addresses, and they'll receive a sharing link that allows them to view the file in their browser.

For instructions on how to connect your Box account to WS, click here. To install this app in your account, head over to the Box Apps Marketplace.