Introducing WEST: A Mentorship Program for Women Building Careers in Tech

Many times during my career in technology, I've questioned what I was doing, what my goals were, or which direction I wanted to go next. Having a mentor who was a sounding board and role model has been key in helping me navigate my career choices and make decisions. I still remember when my mentor encouraged me to take a risky new role that would broaden my experience and skill set into the business side of things. Ultimately it was a great learning experience that opened a ton of interesting career opportunities for me and eventually led me to Box! Without those words of support and encouragement from my mentor, I likely would have shied away from that opportunity and missed out on the best years of my career in tech. Now, as a senior engineering leader, I am inspired to give back and mentor the next generation of young women in tech as they navigate their career paths.

Today I'm proud to announce Box's involvement in a new mentorship program for women entering careers in technology.  Women Entering and Staying in Technology (WEST) is aimed at early to mid-career women in technical roles including: engineering, product management, operations, design, and web development. And the mentors for WEST are comprised of women from Facebook, Pinterest, and my awesome colleagues here at Box.

A pilot of the WEST program will kick off in 2015 and applications for prospective mentees will be opening soon. We want to hear from you as WEST continues to take shape, if you're at Grace Hopper this week, drop by our booth (#330) to learn more, or visit