Amber's Feature Update: Full-Size Image Previews and Editing Comments

Hello Boxers!


Now that the bug safari is over, our developers have once again put on their wizard caps to work on new features, as well as enhance some existing ones. I'd like to highlight a couple for this post, including the option to view a full-sized gallery version of your images and the ability for folder, file or discussion owners to delete comments made by other users.


Full-size image gallery I hear from a lot of customers regarding our photo-related features, so I’m sure many of you will appreciate the fact that you can now preview a full-sized gallery version of all images under 5MB in size, although we plan on increasing that limit in the future.

To use this feature, simply click on an image-GIF, JPG or PNG-under 5MB in size, which will take you to preview mode.  From here, you can click on "full Size", which you'll find on the upper left-hand side of the image to display the gallery view.

Moderating discussions and comments If you use Box's discussion and commenting features, you may have noticed that users who left a given comment were the only ones who could delete them. We have added a little more control to this feature, which now allows all discussion, file or folder owners to delete comments made by other users. In addition, users can now edit their own comments.

To delete a comment made on your discussions, folders or files, just click on the "X" associated with the comment. To edit a comment, select "edit" shown at the end of your comment.


Well, that's all for now. Keep reading the blog to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in Box. Till next time, happy Boxing!


Post by Amber Nguyen, Support Supervisor