Introducing New Tools and Services to Transform the Enterprise

This morning at Box Dev, more than 1,500 developers joined us at Fort Mason to talk about the massive opportunity to transform the enterprise. In the opening keynote, I highlighted the amazing traction we're seeing with our platform

Companies need technology that is intelligent, secure and interconnected, but doing this requires more than just basic infrastructure. At Box, we're focused on building the most robust content platform for our developers so your application can be enterprise-ready on day one.

In just the last year, the Box platform has grown to over 48k developers, 4.5B third party API calls per month and over 1,600 partners in our app marketplace. We're not stopping there and today we're excited to share new products and partner programs that make it easier than ever to build the best enterprise applications.

A fundamentally new way to build on the Box Platform
Box Developer Edition is a new way to leverage all the enterprise-grade functionality of the Box platform. It allows you to own your own Box instance with full enterprise functionality dedicated to your app. A new user and authentication model makes it incredibly easy to add new users to your app. These features provide a secure and scalable way to enable content collaboration with your customers while providing a fully custom branded experience.

Learn more about Box Developer Edition here.

Breakthrough New Content Experiences
Content is everywhere and at Box, we want to provide the best cross-platform content experiences in the world for any type of content. Our goal is to take complex, difficult to manage content types and provide them to you in simple, easy to use formats like HTML, CSS and Images.

We are continuing to invest in providing the best content experiences. At Box Dev, we showed off some of our product roadmap including Watermarking, support for DICOM (medical) images and technology from Verold, a recent acquisition that specializes in WebGL. Here are some videos of some of the demo experiences that we showed off on stage. 

Finally, we have Box View, which allows you to render PDF and Office Documents within your app. Today, we announced three new SDKs for Box View: PHP, Java and .NET. In addition, we announced new partners that are leveraging our Box View technology in their applications, including companies like Lever, Autodesk and Lithium.

New Tools for Building Incredible Mobile Apps
We've spent a lot of time building our native Box mobile app to provide a best in class user experience. Today, we are excited to announce that we have rebuilt our old Content SDK to make it simpler to use and easier to implement. In addition, we have created Browse, Share and Preview SDKs to help you seamlessly integrate our content collaboration functionality into your own application, all with just a few lines of code. These 3 new SDKs provide UI components so you can take advantage of our vetted design principles. They are also modular by design so you can efficiently plug them into your application.

Learn more about these new SDKs here and get started building today.

New Programs and Ways to work with Box
Not only do we want to provide the tools and technologies to build the best applications, but we want to provide the resources and programs to go-to-market more effectively. Today, we announced new programs to work more closely with you to build the next generation of enterprise applications and get to market faster.

Box Platform Partner program
When you build on the Box platform, we are committed to helping you be successful not only from a technology point of view but also when you go to market. Today we announced a new program called the Box Platform Partner program to formalize many of the ways we have been working with you to date. For the first time, we have created a formal framework to support you as you develop and market your applications and integrations with Box. We look forward to continuing to build this program and to helping you transform the enterprise. 

New Box Assured Apps
Box Assured Apps programassesses the enterprise-readiness of mobile apps in our platform ecosystem. We are excited to have drChrono, Fotoin, Showpad, Cotap, Roambi and Wrike join our Assured Apps program. They join Notability, OfficeSuitePro, DocsToGo and GoPaperless as our other vetted mobile applications.

Access to Investment from top VCs
Finally, we are thrilled that two top Silicon Valley venture firms, Bessemer Venture Partners and Emergence Capital, have each committed up to 20 million dollars to invest in enterprise software companies that leverage the Box platform. Bessemer and Emergence are firms with an impressive track record of successful enterprise and cloud investments and we are excited to work with them to help you build your enterprise business.

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