A Match Made in the Cloud: Our Year in the Google Apps Marketplace

Can you believe it's been an entire year since Box first introduced our integration with Google Apps? In the past 12 months, businesses (including Box!) have used it as a powerful way to communicate, collaborate and assign tasks around documents in Google Apps. To show off this powerful integration (and have a little fun), we even made a video last year to commemorate the occasion:


We're proud to be part the Google Apps Marketplace, and have seen lots of success as a participant, including a dramatic increase in partner referrals. In addition to the initial features offered by this integration, our engineers were busy this last year building even more ways for Box to interact with your Google account; just a few months ago, we revamped Box tasks and added Google Calendar integration. We're always looking for more ways for Box to communicate with the services you use, so keep an eye out for more exciting additions in the future.

Today, companies large and small rely on an ecosystem of applications to collaborate, share and manage all of their content in the cloud. The Google Apps Marketplace is a powerful way for users to supplement their content with an entire host of 3rd-party applications. The Box team would like to not only wish the Google Apps Marketplace a happy first birthday, but also thank the Google team for allowing users to more easily customize their experience in the cloud. To learn more about this milestone, check out the official Google Blog.