A Few More of our Favorite Apps from BoxWorks!

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A couple of days ago we introduced you to some apps from our newly-added 100 OneCloud partners that are diverse across category and industry, helping you achieve productivity with Box in new ways. Here are a few more of our favorites below that we couldn't wait to share with you.

Mobile Forms (iOS, Android, Blackberry)

Device Magic Mobile Forms allows organizations to quickly and easily build robust data collection systems using rich mobile apps. You can build forms and capture the data for any industry or job function.

Mobile Forms can also output your data to PDF, MS Word and even raw XML formats. Its integration with Box allows you to get all these documents delivered right into your Box account to share with your organization. For example, forms like work orders and invoices can be captured right in the field and then made available in standard document formats within Box.

Anywhere Pad (iOS, Android)

Anywhere Pad is an app for mobile meetings, presentations and collaboration with documents. Start a mobile meeting with remote participants using Anywhere Pad and work on shared documents together in real-time.

With the seamless integration between Anywhere Pad and Box, both App-to-App and Web, Anywhere Pad lets you access and use the files in your Box account conveniently.

You can choose to open a Box file from within either the Anywhere Pad app or Box app and it will automatically import to be shared in meetings and discussions.

iPaxera (iOS)

iPaxera is a fast and easy to use picture archiving and communication system for medical imaging on mobile. iPaxera allows users to retrieve DICOM format studies and view them with an iPhone or iPad.  You can see use processing tools, distance measurement, panning, zooming, free rotation, and snap shot capture when viewing images.

Medical providers can do a diagnosis remotely, write the report via the reporting tool, and send it by email or save it with the study. With Box’s integration, users can save their DICOM files to Box to be shared or viewed for a second opinion.

These are just a few of the many partners who are helping simplify and extend your productivity workflow, wherever you might be. Check out more apps that integrate with Box in our OneCloud showcase.