7 More Tips for Your #Box50GB

Last week, I brought you the second post in our series of weekly tips on using your free 50 GB. Here are this week’s tips on getting the most out of your free space:

Share your content on social networks like Twitter and Facebook

Did you know you can send your Box content to your social networks with just a few clicks? If you want to share with Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, simply click on the mail icon below a file in Box, click “post,” then click on the icon of your preferred social network.

Keep your to-do list on Box

Stop using post-its and notebooks to keep your life organized: Keep a list in Box of all the important things you need to get done. Since all your info will be organized in the cloud, you'll never again worry about forgetting something important!

Scan your passport and send it to Box 

Being without your important documents at home is bad enough – imagine being on the other side of the world and suddenly losing all of your important identification. Travel safer – and smarter – by scanning your important papers to Box. If something happens, simply print them out and get on with your vacation. But don't just take our word for it. 

Put your files in Box – just in case

A fireproof safe can't protect your important documents from everything. Why not rest easier at night by scanning everything to the indestructible cloud?

Organize a schedule in Box with a Google Spreadsheet

Trying to manage multiple schedules, appointments or events? Use a Google Spreadsheet to quickly organize your data in the cloud. Unlike a regular spreadsheet, you'll be able to access it whenever you want, from anywhere. Just click on "new Google Spreadsheet" in your account to get started.

Use DocuSign or EchoSign to get contracts signed

Accelerate your business by saying no to paper signatures. Simply use Box apps like DocuSign or EchoSign to get contracts signed, sealed and delivered in seconds, not days.

Print or send important documents with the FedEx app

Speaking of apps, the Box FedEx app brings the power of a print shop right to your account. Install the app today to get your documents printed straight from the cloud!

What are you doing with your 50 GB? Help other Box users by tweeting your advice with the hashtag#Box50GBor by leaving tips below in the comments. Be sure to come back later this week for even more ideas from the Box team!

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