3 Ways to Tame the Email Beast with Box

Whether reading, writing or wading through it, most of us spend a big chunk of time each day wrangling with email. One thing I can't stand – and you might feel the same – is that overwhelming feeling when I check the information sprawl labeled “Inbox.” Luckily, I've discovered a few time-saving tricks with Box that have made my inbox easier to manage – even on days when email overload is at its worst.

Feeling the need for an inbox intervention? Check out the 3 tips below:

Eschew attachments – use shared links

Don't waste time scouring your inbox for a particular file, or even worse, the right version of a file. Switch to shared links: All your content will be organized in your Box account, no matter where you send it. Even better, the people who receive your files wont have to download them or launch an application to view them; once they click on the shared link, Box's preview feature will allow them to check out your file right in their browser. Even attachment die-hards will be cloud converts in no time.

Keep conversations in one place with comments

Do your emails requesting "quick feedback" often spiral into a never-ending chain of replies? Instead of asking team members to comment on your work via email, request that they leave all feedback below the file on Box. At the end of the day, just log in to Box to see everyone's feedback in one convenient location. It's certainly better than sorting through a massive email thread to figure out what your team thinks.

Use Box for Outlook

Recently updated, this productivity booster makes it easier than ever to connect your inbox to Box. If you're not already using it, install it today to start sending Box files and folders right from Outlook. You'll even be able to send incoming attachments straight to the cloud with just a few clicks – an invaluable feature if you receive emails from people who haven't converted to using shared links :).

Have tips for preventing email meltdowns? Share them with others in the comments below!