3 Ways to Liberate Your Desktop with BoxCloud®

If you're prone to keeping important files on your desktop, you might be setting yourself up for disaster, or at the very least, unnecessary frustration. Since your critical content isn't in the cloud, you're basically chained to your computer, unable to work from any other devices. Even worse, what if something were to happen to your computer? Would all your important files be lost?

Long story short, keeping stuff on your desktop makes your life harder than it has to be. Here are 3 ways Box can help you liberate your desktop content by sending it to the cloud:


Introduced earlier this year, this app makes it incredibly easy for you to send important files to the cloud in seconds. After you install the app, just drag your content to the SimpleShare icon in your toolbar. In just a few moments, your content will be on Box, and a link to the file will be copied to your clipboard, making it easy for you to share  your file will friends and colleagues right away. Something else nifty: You can capture screencasts and screenshots with the app, which will then be sent immediately to your SimpleShare folder in your Box account.

This BoxCloud® app is free for anyone with a Box account, and both PC and Mac builds are available. Download it here.

Box Sync

Want to keep all your content organized automatically? Box Sync makes it easy. After you install the app (available for both PC and Mac), anything you drag into your sync folder will be sent to Box, and you can even choose which Box folders to sync with your desktop for quick access. And don’t worry if a few team members make edits simultaneously to the same documents– Box Sync picks up those changes and saves different copies of the file for potential conflicts.

BoxSync, a BoxCloud® app, is available for business and enterprise accounts. We'll being rolling it out this month, so sign up here to get on the list.

Box for Office

Our most recent addition to the Box desktop library, Box for Office allows you to save your Microsoft Office content to the cloud with no effort at all. Simply click "save," and your file will be transported to the cloud in a snap. Word, Excel and PowerPoint files alike can be saved to Box, so you'll never have to worry again about not having an important project when you need it.

Box for Office, a BoxCloud® app, is available for PC, so get it here to take your office to the cloud today.

I think these desktop tools offer something for everyone, so I hope you'll give at least one of them a try today. Be on the lookout for more updates in the future, as our team is always finding ways to make Box more accessible for everyone.

What's your favorite way to put your desktop content in the cloud? Let us know below!