A New Microsoft (and Box Integrated into Outlook Mobile)

For many years, Microsoft operated in a world where work was conducted solely on Microsoft-built platforms. This homogeneous approach was incredibly successful during the PC-era of the enterprise, but eventually technology capabilities evolved and customer sentiment soon followed. With the rise of mobile platforms like iOS and Android, and cloud services like Salesforce, Workday and Box, Microsoft needed to adapt to a post-PC world.

Under the leadership of Satya Nadella, the company has dramatically changed not only its tune, but its course as well. The "new" Microsoft recognizes that each of its products must be untethered from its core platforms (Windows, Office), and that enterprises (like GE, Toyota, or Eli Lilly) will mix-and-match best-of-breed tools to get work done. To play in this world, Microsoft has chosen to become more open and integrated, enabling an all new set of use cases in the process.

Take today’s news as an important example. By releasing Outlook for iPhones, iPads, and Android, Microsoft essentially executed a trifecta: buying a silicon valley startup (Acompli, congrats Javier!), supporting non-Windows platforms, and enabling third-party services to be integrated into Outlook, including Box. We applaud this move by Microsoft, because it delivers customer-focused innovation, and lets enterprises use the tools they want across the platforms they choose.

Now, directly from within Outlook on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, you can select content from Box that can be attached to your emails. No more having to jump between multiple apps to accomplish these daily tasks: it’s all seamlessly connected for you in one place. To get this app, download it from iTunes and the Google Play store today, go to "Settings," then "Add Account," and select Box. The power of the cloud and mobile is that your favorite apps and platforms can work together natively, with the best of Box's content management capabilities and Outlook delivered in one experience. We think this is a huge win for all of our shared customers, which include the 48% of the Fortune 500 using Box.

This is an all new Microsoft, and at Box we’re excited to continue to see this type of innovation come out of Redmond. We’re looking forward to continued integrations across key Microsoft services, expanding on the work we’ve done with Office 365 on the desktop late last year. Stay tuned!