A More Open Enterprise

At Box, we’re ardent supporters and drivers of openness in the enterprise. The future is about the ability to securely move data where you want, when you want, from any device or application. This has been one of our core beliefs since we founded Box in 2005, underscored by the subsequent launch of our public APIs. 44,000 customers later, this commitment to openness is more important than ever.

This drive for openness stems from two tenets. First, we fundamentally believe that our customers own their data, and have a right to access and control it across whichever platforms they choose - whether that's on Box or somewhere else. Second, our customers deserve world-class experiences in the cloud and on mobile.

Box lives within an ecosystem of hundreds and thousands of applications that let you share, edit, manage, analyze, and collaborate with data of all types from Box. Enterprises need all these technologies to work together, sharing data securely, producing integrated and seamless experiences. We know Box is not the only place work will get done, and that's why we support the widest number of experiences possible.

This is why we’re so excited today to be announcing that Box is joining Citrix and Salesforce as an inaugural member of the new Microsoft Cloud Storage Partner Program. The Box content platform will now support native integrations with both Office for iPad and iPhone as well as for Office Online. These are two powerful new connections with Microsoft Office that will enable businesses to work more effectively with their content in the cloud and on mobile. This extends the reach of our existing integrations with Office 365 on the desktop, and the recently announced Outlook for iPhone and iPad.

While new integrations are built for the Box platform on a daily basis – there are billions of Box API calls every month – Microsoft has made huge mobile and cross-platform strides, boldly taking an open path for Office 365. Customers and the industry are going to benefit tremendously because of this direction.

The future of enterprise software is about choosing best-of-breed technologies to solve critical business problems. Often these solutions will not come from the same vendors. Large enterprises like GE, Eli Lilly, Toyota or Safeway may use a mix of Box for collaboration and content management, Office 365 for holistic productivity and collaboration, Salesforce for CRM, Workday for HCM, Oracle for ERP, and ServiceNow for service management. To make this successful, these technologies must work together seamlessly.

This next enterprise era will be defined by simple-to-use, modular services. IT organizations will get better innovation for their dollar, users will achieve more productivity, and vendors will build stronger ties to one another. Today's move is an important accelerant to this trend. Microsoft's productivity technologies are used by a billion people globally, and in nearly every enterprise — its influence on the industry cannot be understated.

Today's news is an important step toward a more open future. To get started, download the latest version of Office for iPhone or iPad, and with the Box app installed on your phone, you'll be able to open and edit files stored in Box from within Office. Soon, we'll update this with additional experiences on mobile, and we'll make Office 365 on the web available later this year.

This is a big step in Microsoft’s vision for the future of productivity. We’re committed to jointly delivering innovation that puts the customer first and allows enterprises to choose the tools and platforms they want to be successful.