Monday, May 5th, 2014

Rebuilding the Backbone of our Windows Apps


Today, we’re releasing updates to both Box for Windows 8 and Box for Windows Phone making them much faster and more robust. These apps have been installed over 1 million times, and we continue to be committed to giving all our users the best-in-class mobile experience they expect from Box.

Main blog image - new transfer manager

secondary blog image - New BreadcrumbWith this latest release (v2.0), we have completely rebuilt both apps to make them faster and more reliable. Along the way, we have also improved the consistency and usability of many components in the apps, including the transfer manager, menus, breadcrumbs and other navigation experiences.

To reach even more users across the world, we have also introduced language support for Polish and Turkish. Our Windows apps now support a total of 19 languages.

These enhancements are the culmination of a significant backend update and will give our team a solid foundation on which to build future features with greater speed and performance. Get the new apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8 today, and let us know what you think at or @BoxHQ.

If you’re a developer, you may be interested to know this update directly utilizes our recently-released Windows SDK, so you can feel confident using it to build apps as fully featured as our own.

  • Mark Rich

    And yet we still wait for a client for Ubuntu and other flavours of Linux for who knows how long and a request list that just keeps growing. :-(

    • dingl_

      Ah the 1% .. I feel for you, Windows phone is in this same boat for many apps yet, thankfully Windowsphone got in the double digit percentage in some companies and is starting to get a bit of adoption
      Windows 8.1 meanwhile, has already trumped the entire OS X userbase I think 2-3x over and its only right Windows 8.1 get some apps
      Linux sadly has no real prospect of wide adoption on Desktops or on tablet really, its a hard spot to be in. Windows meanwhile developers can now use the build once approach to target Windows, WindowsPhone, Tablets and soon even Xbox

  • Guilherme da Silva Manso

    The WP app has the hability to automactly upload Photos and Videos taken to the cloud just like OneDrive does?

  • Ben Richards

    The photo browsing experience on the iPad app is still much better than the new Windows app. I hope this changes and the Windows app is updated regularly as I use my Surface far more than my iPad.