Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Powering Advanced Search with the Box Platform


In a continued effort to help our customers build their user-centric IT strategy, we’re happy to announce the release of our advanced search API. This new API allows customers to hone their searches with many different parameters, dramatically improving how information is found and used by users and administrators. Box admins can now programmatically pinpoint sensitive data among millions of files in their enterprise; marketing teams will be able to improve how they find digital assets by searching for only image types; ecosystem partners can customize and refine their search options for a tailored experience in their apps. More specifically, we see this new functionality powering three key areas:

  • Global Content Discovery. Box admins can now search all of their users’ content with a single API call. Not only are you able to search file and folder names, but you can also search for document text, owners, date ranges, and metadata. In addition to our native policies and content manager features, the search API will help information governance use cases like eDiscovery and DLP.
  • Application Development. Federated search is a growing trend among our customers that helps consolidate the many different silos of information that exist within an organization. With the new advanced search capabilities, you have the ability to look for content directly from a custom intranet or internal-only app and filter results by specific folders, file types, or sizes. This can be extremely useful for sales people trying to find PowerPoint files or marketing teams looking for Photoshop designs or images.
  • Partner Ecosystem. Advanced search is another powerful asset for our ecosystem partners who leverage content stored in Box. For example, construction focused partners can now limit their results to only AutoCAD files, while healthcare partners can focus their searches to only DICOM images. Having more granularity via our new filters will provide a better content experience for our partners serving specific verticals and use cases.

When building enterprise software, we realize that every customer has unique requirements. From global Fortune 500 companies like GE to media pioneers like Netflix, users expect software to integrate into their business processes, not for business processes to conform to their software.

New functionality like the advanced search API demonstrates our commitment to delivering features that are extensible and flexible enough for any customer environment. To learn more about the advanced search API, please visit our updated documentation or email us at

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