Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Box Notes Is Here!


It’s a big day for Box and the Box Notes team! Today we’re starting to roll out Box Notes to all users, and we expect it to be live for everyone by early June. We had a ton of sign ups for our beta program, and we would like to thank all our beta users who have provided invaluable feedback over the past months as we have built out the product.

Box Notes is easy to use and doesn’t require any extra software, so you can use it to quickly capture ideas and information right in the Box web app. But more importantly, it allows you to work in real-time with your team. At its core, Box Notes is about making it easier to work with others. We’ve been excited to see this product living up to its promise throughout the beta and are thrilled to now bring that to all Box users.

Getting started

Over the next several weeks, we will add Box Notes to your account. Once added, you’ll see that we’ve made it incredibly simple to create new notes. You can either select the Box Notes button:





Or select New Box Note from the New… menu:







Once you are in a Box Note, you’ll see that formatting options are easily accessible in the toolbar at the top. A second toolbar also appears when you select text, which allows you to add hyperlinks and annotations. And you can always tell which of your coworkers or friends is in the note with you, because their picture will appear in the left margin.

Box Notes are also easy to share. Anyone who is an editor in the folder in which the note lives will automatically be able to access and edit the note. You can distribute them more broadly by sending shared links to your notes, and anyone who isn’t a collaborator in the folder will have read-only access.


Using Box Notes

We’ve been using Box Notes internally throughout the beta, and it has become integral to many of our processes. The ability to work together in real-time and instantly distribute information with just a link has made our communications processes more nimble. For instance, our engineering leads collaborate in Box Notes to create and then share their weekly updates with entire engineering organization. Our CEO now sends company-wide notices in Box Notes. We create marketing plans, draft press releases, develop FAQs, take meeting notes and more – all in Box Notes. I drafted this blog post in a Box Note (while watching my coworker simultaneously correct my spelling mistakes).

We recommend trying Box Notes for any number of needs:

  • Meetings: Whether you are in a board meeting, sales meeting or team meeting, you can capture all the critical information in real time with everyone in the room.
  • Status Updates: Your team can add all their updates in one note, making it easy to share among the team and more broadly in your company.
  • Project Outlines: Create Box Notes to collect all the critical information related to your project, plus outline your project plan and schedule.
  • Personal Notes and Lists: You can use Box Notes for your daily to-do list, drafts for blog posts, notes from meetings, and more.
  • Marketing Plans: Use Box Notes to brainstorm messaging or develop marketing plans internally or with your agency.

Keep an eye out for Box Notes in your account and give it a try for your next project plan, meeting agenda or to-do list. We’d love to hear how you are using it in the comments below or on Twitter @BoxHQ. We’ll also be adding Box Notes to our mobile apps soon – so stay tuned!

  • ryan246

    Love box notes!

    Is there a way to print a box note other than via the browser?

    • Jonathan Berger (Box Notes PM)

      No. We’ve recently improved browser printing support, and Chrome works pretty well. There are still some issues with clipping around page boundaries that we are working on.

  • MikeSchinkel

    Question: Do notes not sync down to local directories? They don’t appear to. Also, will it be possible to edit them with a locally installed application rather than having to use the browser?

    • Jonathan Berger (Box Notes PM)

      Box Notes do not sync locally. At the moment, it’s not possible to edit them locally. We’re considering ways to make both of these possible in the future. Thanks for the feedback.

  • chris chris

    Box rocks!

  • Bob

    Like the idea but can I see and edit the notes from my iphone? It currently say preview not available

    • Jonathan Berger (Box Notes PM)

      It was not at the time of your comment, but it is now available on iOS and other platforms shortly.

      • Bob

        Any projected delivery for Box Notes for iDevices?

        • Jonathan Berger (Box Notes PM)

          It’s been live since June 23rd. All you have to do is download the latest version of our Box for iPhone, iPad app.

  • Adil

    When i want to add new Notes, take into account that i have the Browser IE8, the system display this error :
    “Your Borwser is not supported.
    Please see our list of supported browsers”

    • Jonathan Berger (Box Notes PM)

      We are supporting versions of Internet Explorer 10 and 11.

  • Alessandro Delfino

    A very useful function! Maybe I think it would be useful also image and video capture, like Evernotes do

    • Jonathan Berger (Box Notes PM)

      Thanks for the feedback – we now have the ability to insert images, and are considering videos.

  • John Fennig

    Appreciate the ongoing innovations as a 5 year customer now. Are these notes viewable offline or separate from Box or do they require the Box platform? HOw do they differ from GoogleDocs? You had web docs (I believe that was the name) for awhile and then stopped support for them.

    • Jonathan Berger (Box Notes PM)

      Thanks! They are not yet viewable offline but we’re considering ways to make this possible. We differ from Google Docs in that we’re built on Box, so we’re secure, next to all your other content, and available to existing collaborators. It’s true that we are discontinuing support for WebDocs and focusing our efforts on Box Notes.

  • Kevin

    How do I switch languages??

    • Jonathan Berger (Box Notes PM)

      We currently only support English.

  • C B

    Any chance of handwriting recognition for tablets and phones with stylus support? I find Microsoft OneNote invaluable in this sense and can’t see myself switching to anything else. OneNote can recognize handwriting, your handwriting is also searchable.

    • Jonathan Berger (Box Notes PM)

      Thanks for the feedback, we’ve heard others mention it. We’ve discussed it but don’t currently have plans for this at the moment.

      • C B

        Thanks, that’s to bad. Fortunately Microsoft beat you to it and added handwriting support for oneNote. You guys seem to be a step back perpetually, that’s said with all due respect. But MS massive increase in free storage space and OneNote supporting handwriting can’t be good for Box.

  • lemkam

    Do you plan on integrating audio with Notes in the near future – something similar to OneNote?

    • Jonathan Berger (Box Notes PM)

      We don’t currently have plans for that feature, but we appreciate the suggestion and feedback.

  • audianna

    Can I send over a whole file at once that I have of photos? It’s from my phone album

    • Jonathan Berger (Box Notes PM)

      Audianna, I might be better able to help over email. You can reach me at jberger at

  • Catherine

    Printing and saving to a PDF would be essential for me.

    • Jonathan Berger (Box Notes PM)

      Thanks! We’ve heard this a lot. On a Mac it’s part of the OS to Print -> Save as PDF. We’re considering building a feature into Box Notes for this.

  • richardjanowicz

    Can search for a word be done, and inside of a single note none the less?

    • Jonathan Berger (Box Notes PM)

      Only via the browser’s built-in Control/Command-F.

  • SprSynJn

    Is Notes available only in the most recent update to the iPad application? I have Box on my original iPad that will not go past iOS 5.1. Am I unable to use Notes within Box due to that?

    • Jonathan Berger (Box Notes PM)

      Box Notes is only part of the the Box iOS app v3.2 or later. That app requires iOS 6.

  • Mary

    Will there be an icon for box on my cellphone? Can I use it for email?

    • Jonathan Berger (Box Notes PM)

      Yes – you can install a Box application on your iPhone or Android cellphone.

      Regarding email, I’m not quite sure what you mean.

  • mohan

    will you please let me know about the ” personal pro”, “business” and “enterprise” showing the amount in dollars?

    • Jonathan Berger (Box Notes PM)

      Mohan, I’m not quite sure what you mean. Are you asking about what are prices are in alternate currencies?

  • mohan

    yes Jonathan, I am asking the same regarding the currencies and also the upgrade plans and pricing that is mentioned for different .

    • Jonathan Berger (Box Notes PM)

      It might be best to diagnose over email. Can you email me at

      • mohan

        yes Jonathan, I am asking the same regarding the currencies and also the upgrade plans and pricing that is mentioned for different .

  • Joe Fegan

    Does Box work with Amazon Kindle Fire HD?

    • Jonathan Berger (Box Notes PM)


    • Joe Fegan

      Thank you, Jonathan, for your quick response.

  • benjemen

    why does it give this message when logged out and trying to shear the box-note
    ok I added a picture showing what it does but I can not see the added picture so here is a link to the picture

    • Jonathan Berger (Box Notes PM)

      Benjemen, share the Box Note using the “Share” button in our toolbar. Sharing the URL from the browser’s address bar will result in that error.

  • benjemen

    why does it give this message when logged out and trying to shear the box-note

    please help

  • Markus Merritt

    Awesome resource. However, I’ve not yet put it to the test so I cannot comment on the positives or the negatives relative to it’s effectiveness, efficiency, and value. Does appear to be a solid and valuable tool.I’m looking forward to implementing it as part of my business acumen.

    • Jonathan Berger (Box Notes PM)

      Thanks Markus – let me know if we can help.