Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Welcoming Josh Kline to Box


I’m extremely excited to announce that Josh Kline has joined Box to lead our efforts in media and entertainment as part of our Box Consulting group. Josh is one of the top technology innovators in Hollywood, and will play a key role in driving success for Box customers, forging partnerships, and building relationships in the media industry.

Josh spent the last 14 years building new businesses in digital media, from creating Digital Dailies – one of the first cloud services in film and television, used by shows like CSI, Two and a Half Men, and Mad Men – to running strategy at Final Draft as its Chief Strategy Officer. Josh’s work on Digital Dailies even earned him an Emmy!

Josh bringing his wealth of experience and expertise in the media space to Box comes at an important time.

The entertainment industry is going through a tectonic shift: new forms entertainment, business models, and consumer experiences are emerging at every turn. Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google are now acquirers of premium, original media content. High production value shows like Game of Thrones and True Detective are redefining television. Music releases are increasingly on-demand, via streaming services. And that’s just the start.

Almost every aspect of the media business has changed in just the past decade. Except for one: the businesses themselves.

For years, traditional ways of moving information between organizations have persisted. Hollywood is rife with slow, cumbersome and expensive solutions to problems that can now be addressed with the cloud. And given the explosion of content generated by record labels, movie studios, production companies, and talent agencies, there’s a growing need for simple and secure ways to manage this data. Which is why Hollywood is home to one of Box’s fastest growing verticals, with customers like CAA, Discovery, NBC Sports, Scripps Networks Interactive, and Netflix embracing better ways to work.

I’m incredibly excited to have Josh on board to build new industry relationships and help media businesses navigate this once-in-a-generation shift to the cloud.

  • Llama

    You guys are lucky to have Josh, he is a blast to work with and knows his stuff. I look forward to reading about the progress you guys are going to make! Llama out.

  • shawn gold

    love josh.

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