Friday, April 11th, 2014

Announcing Box Open Source


Open source has been a part of the Box technology stack since the company’s earliest days. Technologies including Apache, nginx, PHP and their peers have been critical to Box’s success and to the technical revolution of web software and platforms as a whole. Today, we are very excited to announce Box Open Source, Box’s formalized open source initiative committed to giving back to the community. Our engineering teams have contributed 20 open source projects, all showcased on

So what does it mean to be committed to open source? We want to offer high-quality code that is configurable, extensible, and well documented. All of our projects are required to have installation instructions, unit testing, documentation, and follow good design principles. Not only this, but looking into the future we want to ensure that our projects are healthy and always improving, to this end we also require each project have a team committed to maintaining it. Over the past half year, we have been piloting and refining a process to assure that all projects we share with the world meet these characteristics. We’ve open sourced projects written in PHP, Python, and JavaScript spanning applications as wide as unit testing, systems & database monitoring, and rendering beautiful HTML5.

It’s been an exciting ride so far and we look forward to the future. We encourage you to check out our work and give us your feedback or, better yet, your contributions.

  • Smokex365

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