Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Padmasree Warrior Joining the Box Board of Directors


I’m incredibly excited to announce that Padmasree Warrior is joining Box’s Board of Directors. Padma is the Chief Technology and Strategy Officer at Cisco, overseeing technology development and corporate strategy. The Box team is thrilled to welcome her to the board, where she’ll join our investors and leaders like Gary Reiner, the former CIO of General Electric, and Dana Evan, the founding CFO of VeriSign.

I’ve gotten to know Padma over the past two years, and I’ve continued to lean on her expertise when it comes to building out large technology operations, establishing new routes to market, and competing in dynamic markets. Padma is a world-renowned leader who has been at the helm of Cisco’s strategy for the past few years, bringing the company into software-defined networking, new wireless categories with the acquisition of Meraki, and deeper efforts in collaboration. Prior to Cisco, Padma served as the CTO at Motorola, helping to build the mobile world we now live in today.

Padma joins our board at a critical time in Box’s journey towards becoming a platform company. Box was started nine years ago with a simple mission: to make it easy for individuals and businesses to store, share, and access content from anywhere. Our future aspirations, however, are much bigger. We want to help customers do much more with their information on Box and beyond, unlocking entirely new capabilities that will change the way individuals, businesses and even entire industries operate. To achieve this, Box must become a far more strategic partner for our customers, and a much more powerful platform for the next wave of enterprise applications. (We’ll be talking more about the latter effort at Box Dev next week.)

With the rise of cloud and mobile technologies, we are at the beginning of a once-in-a-generation technology shift in the enterprise, and Padma’s expertise will be invaluable as Box evolves and scales to help businesses everywhere navigate this transition. She has a keen sense of what the future of work will look like, and I’m excited to work with her as we establish Box’s role in powering that future.

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    Hi Aaron,

    No doubt the expertise of Padmasree Warrior will come in handy, one example would be that while the Chief Technology Officer of Motorola, Warrior had doubts about the Apple iPhone back on January 10, 2007:

    Fortunately for Motorola’s shareholders, Warrior’s doubts about the Apple iPhone proved correct simply because after the introduction of the iPhone for the 9-months ending September 29th 2007, Motorola’s sales declined more than -$4 billion (-13%), while simultaneously Motorola’s operating earnings collapsed by -$3.8 billion to a loss of -$534 million:

    Warrior was appointed Chief Technology Officer of Cisco on December 4, 2007 when Cisco had an adjusted stock price close of $25.19 per share:

    Now almost 7-years after Cisco’s appointment of Padmasree Warrior as its Chief Technology Officer and now Chief Strategy Officer, Cisco’s closing adjusted share price today is a robust $21.63 per share:

    That’s just a mere decline of -$3.56 (-14.13%) per share and/or -$18.3 billion market cap decline over the 7-years of Warrior’s leadership at Cisco.

    Now that’s some pretty exciting performance!


    Brad Reese

  • Used to work in In her group

    She has never met with a customer. Surrounds herself with only people who say what she wants to hear. Take that to the bank and short sell.